Want to find a tasteful, quality gift for a beginner coffee enthusiast? The Hario V60 Glass Starter Set parts are made from Hario’s award-winning, borosilicate heatproof glass. The V60 is an approachable brew method that favours a clean body and crisp mouthfeel, with spiraling ridged sides to encourage agitation and extraction. The glass V60 dripper available in 2 colours (red, black), with a detachable funnel for easy and thorough cleaning. The set also includes a 600ml Hario glass server, filter papers and even a scoop for coffee beans, making your first pourover experience something you’ll look forward to time and again.


  • 2 - 4 Cups


  • Borosilicate Glass

Additional Info:

  • Includes: 1x V60 Glass Dripper 02, 1x V60 Server, 1x Measuring Scoop, 02 Filter Papers


Hario V60 Glass Coffee Brewing Set

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