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  1. Grind the coffee just before you start brewing.

  2. Put a filter paper into the filter holder and lock into the body of the brewer.

  3. Run some hot water through to heat the brewer and rinse the paper.

  4. Add the coffee 16-18g

  5. Boil a kettle of fresh water 

  6. Wait 10-20s after the kettle has boiled, then add the desired amount of water to the 200-250ml 

  7. Give the coffee a quick stir, then put the piston part of the Aeropress in place. Don't push down yet.

  8. After a period of brewing (I recommended starting with one minut) slowly push down the plunger until all the liquid has been expelled.

  9. Remove the filter holder and, holding the brewer over the waste bin, push the plunger out to get rid of the grounds. Tap out any loose bits, then immediately rinse and clean the bottom of the piston and brewer.
    Enjoy your coffee.


Hario V60

Basic V60 Brew Guide

You'll need:

Tip: Making coffee for two people? Just double the amount of ground coffee and water. You’d also need to repeat the pouring procedure and use a coffee server instead of the mug.



Place the V60 on top of the mug and put the filter paper in.

Tip: Soak the whole paper with hot water to reduce the papery taste and empty your mug.


Fill the scoop to the top with ground coffee and place in to the filter paper.

Tip: Use a tablespoon if you cannot find a scoop.


Boil the kettle, and allow it to cool for a few minutes.


In one quick motion, pour enough hot water to soak all the coffee grounds, then wait for around 30 seconds.


Slowly pour over the remaining water over the coffee, making small circles.

Tip: Stop when the water is ¾ of the way or 2 cm from the top.


Wait for it to drain, allowing the coffee to cool down a little. This should take around 2.5 minutes.


Drink and Enjoy.

Tip: Coffee grounds can be placed in the food waste or you can compost your flowers with it.


French Press/Cafetiere

  1. Always start by heating up the cafetiere (also known as a French Press) by filling it up with boiling water.

  2. Measure 15g of grounds per 250ml of water.

  3. Bring more fresh water to boil. Once boiled, leave the kettle for 2-3 minutes to allow the water to cool only slightly.

  4. Empty the cafetiere of the hot water

  5. Add the measured grounds and fill with water.

  6. Gently stir and leave the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds.

  7. Add the rest of the water to the cafetiere and position the lid on top.

  8.  Leave to brew for 3.5 minutes before serving.

  9. Now push the cafetiere plunger gently down. There should be a small amount of resistance. If it's hard to push down then the coffee is too finely ground. If there is no resistance then it is too coarse.

  10. When the cafetiere plunger is all the way down, serve immediately and enjoy!


Moka Pot

  1.  Preheat the water. Bring kettle water to a boil and remove from heat

  2. Add your coffee. This needs to be a fine/medium grind. Coarser than espresso, but finer than filter. Level the grounds off with your finger, but remember not to pack down or tamp the grounds. Leave them loose.

  3. Add your water to the base chamber to the line provided inside by the manufacturer. If you cannot find a line, fill it to just under the pressure valve.

  4. Screw together carefully (you might need a tea towel could be a hot)

  5. Turn your heat on. We recommend a medium heat to start with.Leave the top lid open.

  6. Lower the heat when you hear the water start to boil in the base.The coffee will begin to come out and you will hear a puffing sound

  7. Plunge base into cold water or wrap in damp tea towel. Both methods are to cool the pot quickly to avoid burning the coffee.

  8. Pour straight into your preheated cup(s).

Enjoy your coffee

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