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Hario V60 Unbleached Filter Papers | Paper Coffee Filters For V60 Dripper 01

What’s in a name? Hario, translating as “The King of Glass”, is a Japanese company that has represented exceptional quality for brewing specialty coffee and tea since 1964. Their V60 filters are the final piece in the scientifically designed v60 method to manually extract unaltered, pure flavourful coffee every time. 

The type of coffee filter you choose for your daily coffee routine can have a big impact on your overall coffee experience. If a coffee filter does not possess enough strength, it will tear or rupture. These unbleached Hario Paper Filters are tightly woven, absorbent and filter out most of the oils and micro grounds encountered during the brewing process. 

Paper coffee filters are known to produce a lighter and cleaner brew, and for some, makes coffee more pleasant. Paper filters have a finer design compared to their metal and cloth counterparts. They are known to trap more of the coffee granules and deposits, which may later contribute to cholesterol build up.

Box Contains

1 x Hario 01 100 Count Coffee Paper Filter, Natural

Hario Paper Coffee Filters Natural 100 Pack

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£9.00Sale Price
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