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Loveramics Tulip Espresso Cup (Black) 80ml

Eye-catching, functional and durable, Loveramics cups are designed by award-winning ceramicist, Simon Stevens. The Loveramics Tulip Espresso Cups are made to SCA standards, with ideal cup wall thickness for heat retention. The narrower body of the Tulip Espresso Cup focuses and intensifies coffee aromatics more than its wider Egg Cup counterpart. Your coffee also oxidises at a slower pace; this means the Tulip Espresso Cup pairs great with coffees with high fruitiness or acidity, and holds crema well for retaining that complementary bitterness.

The Loveramics Tulip Espresso Cup is dense and has a comforting weight that sits snugly in your hand, due to the commercial-grade high-fired porcelain it’s made of. All cups are dishwasher and microwave safe, freezer and oven safe, and stackable. Suitable or domestic or cafe use.

Matching Saucer Available: Loveramics Tulip Espresso Saucer (Black) 12.5cm

Loveramics Tulip Espresso Cup Additional Info:

  • Diameter 6cm, Height 6cm
  • Capacity 80ml
  • Restaurant Grade & Food Safe
  • Dishwasher / Microwave Safe
  • Material: Porcelain    



Loveramics Tulip Espresso Saucer (Black) 12.5cm

Tulip Espresso Saucer has been created using commercial grade porcelain which has been fired at high temperatures, just like all our chinaware. As a result it is highly resistant to heat and shock and can be used in your microwave or dishwasher, just like the Loveramics Tulip Espresso Cup 80ml / 2,8.

Matching Cup Available: Loveramics Tulip Espresso Cup (Black) 80ml


Loveramics Tulip Espresso Saucer Additional Information:

  • Diameter 12.5cm ; Height 2cm
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Restaurant Grade & Food Safe
  • Dishwasher / Microwave Safe

Loveramics Tulip Espresso Cup & Saucer Set

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